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Lawyer in Ankara, law firm, attorney
'' Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere. ''

Law firm, attorney, lawyer in Ankara, Turkey

According to Article 1 of the Attorneys' Act No. 1136, advocacy is a public service, but also a self-employment. Pursuant to article 2 of the Attorneys' Act, the purpose of advocacy is to regulate legal relations, resolve all kinds of legal issues and disputes in accordance with justice and equity, and ensure the full implementation of legal rules at all levels before judicial bodies, arbitrators, public and private individuals, boards and institutions. In the realization of justice, the lawyer freely represents the independent defense, one of the constituent elements of the judiciary.


Pursuant to article 34 of the Attorneys' Act, a lawyer is to fulfill his duties with care, integrity and honor in a manner worthy of the sanctity of this duty; is obliged to act in accordance with the respect and trust required by the title of attorney and to comply with the professional rules determined by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

  • Litigation and legal advice. Immigration and Citizenship Law. Foreigners Law.

  • Real Estate Law. Corporate Law. Family, divorce and Inheritance Law. Criminal Law.

  • Commercial Law. Compensation Law.  Labor Law. Work - Residence Permit.

  • Enforcement Law. Medical Malpractice Law. Contracts.

  • Administrative Law. Information Technology Law.

Are you seeking an English speaking lawyer in Ankara?

With great passion and effort, strong legal knowledge, experience in many fields of law and endless desire to learn, Attorney Enes TEKER aims to offer the best legal services to his clients throughout Turkey. He believes that the attorney-client relationship should be based on mutual trust, that problems should be resolved in a confidential and professional manner, that risks should be explained to the client and s/he should be informed on a regular basis, that seriousness and mutual respect should be maintained, and that the rule of law should be upheld without compromise. Mr. Lawyer specializes in a variety of legal areas, including criminal law, family and inheritance law, commercial law, real estate law, foreigners and citizenship law, compensation law and labor law. Medical law, contract law, corporate law, international business law, and insurance law are some of the other fields of practice. The counsellor, who speaks English, Russian, Zaza and mid-level French in addition to Turkish, can provide legal assistance in various languages.

Lawyer in Ankara; some of his work in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey:

  • Attending court hearings

  • Civil action (divorce - family, inheritance, labor, property, indemnity, etc.), criminal and administrative law cases

  • Petition writing and doing research

  • Client visits in prison

  • Preparing contracts, translation of contracts and some official documents

  • Applying for arbitration and closely following cases before arbitration

  • Launching enforcement procedures

  • Keeping the local and foreign clients informed

  • Application for residence permit and citizenship and to follow the entire process associated with those

  • Finding solutions to the problems related to client companies

  • ...

Everyone possesses inherent fundamental rights and freedoms. These are inviolable and inalienable. The fundamental rights and freedoms also comprise the duties and responsibilities of the individual to the society, his/her family, and other individuals. Fundamental rights and freedoms may be restricted only by law and in conformity with the reasons mentioned in the relevant articles of the Constitution without infringing upon their essence. These restrictions shall not be contrary to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the requirements of the democratic order of the society and the secular republic and the principle of proportionality.


Everyone has the right of litigation either as plaintiff or defendant and the right to a fair trial before the courts through legitimate means and procedures. No court shall refuse to hear a case within its jurisdiction. Everyone whose constitutional rights and freedoms have been violated has the right to request prompt access to the competent authorities.

If you require a lawyer in Ankara, you can contact Mr. Lawyer through one of the communication channels available on the website 24 hours a day.

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